A Pipe Band Association is a governing body that regulates competition between pipe bands. Each association is responsible for sanctioning and administering competitive events, providing adjudicators for pipe band contests at Highland games, and for tabulating results and awarding prizes under their jurisdiction.

Pipe band associations are often divided into regional branches for ease of administration. Typically, local branches hold general meetings in addition to the association Annual General Meeting, and often these meetings are accompanied by locally run and administered piping and drumming contests.

A typical pipe band association is divided up into a Music Board and an Executive Board. Typically, an executive board will include a President, Vice President, Treasurer, and various secretaries and officers-at-large. The executive board is responsible for handling the administrative tasks of the association. The music board is usually composed of professional pipers and drummers, and it is responsible for setting the standards of each grade level of competition, making musical decisions, setting tune requirements, and overseeing up-grading and down-grading based on competitive results.

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