The electronic bagpipes are an electronic instrument emulating the tone and/or playing style of the bagpipes.

Most electronic bagpipes feature a simulated chanter, which is used to play the melody. Some models also produce a harmonizing drone(s). A few rare variants employ a simulated bag, wherein the player's pressure on the bag activates a switch maintaining a constant tone or can simulate a pipe which uses variale bag pressure, sch as the Uilleann pipes. Most work through a set of electrical contacts, which are prone to not working if the player has dry skin. Experiments have been made using optical contacts, though the cost is high.

In 2016, a brand new optical electronic bagpipes has been produced, with a cost comparable to electrical contacts devices : the a-pipes.

Electronic bagpipe modelsEdit

  • DegerPipes - created by Manfred Deger. The DegerPipes includes a MIDI DIN connector which transmits on 3 channels. The Celtic band Gaelic Storm makes use of the DegerPipes.
  • Fagerström Technochanter and Technopipes - Swedish made, compact and includes drones.
  • Master Gaita - Comparable features as the Deger Pipes.
  • Redpipes - German-made synthesizer pipe on a pressure-reading pipe-bag.
  • Ross Technologies Micro-Pipes and Electronic Bagpipes - Electronic practice chanter / programmable chanter.
  • Pine Tree Electronic MacPipes - Similar in style to the Ross.
  • a-pipes - France made electronic bagpipes + smallpipe + gaita + practice with optical contacts, real HIFI sounds, USB, Buetooth, remote setup software. Optional remote playing. Optional user's samples. Full gaita fingering. Can be plugged into a pipe-bag. Recording/replay. Metronome. Produces ABC and MIDI files.

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