The cornemuse du Centre France or musette du Centre is a type of bagpipe native to Central France. It has two drones, one an octave below, and the other two octaves below, the tonic of the chanter.

Facture Edit

The drones consist of two pieces of wood (three for the larger drone) that telescope into one another to tune the instrument. The drones have single reeds. The chanter is equipped with a double reed of reed or plastic.

The chanter can be in a wide variety of keys, depending on its length:

  • 10 inches (ré aigu)
  • 11 inches (Do aigu)
  • 14 inches (La)
  • 16 inches (sol)
  • 18 inches (Fa)
  • 20 inches (Ré)
  • 23 inches (do)
  • 24 inches (Si bémol)
  • 26 inches (La)
  • 30 inches (sol grave)

Playing Edit

The cornemuse is a diatonic instrument, that is, it cannot play all the intermediate notes of the chromatic scale, or transpose to other keys without adjusting the notes of the drones.

The fingering of the chanter is semi-closed, since the fingers of the right hand are removed before removing the fingers of the left hand. Chanters of 20 inches or greater are generally played with open fingering.