The ciaramedda or ciaramèddha (Sicilian) is a type of bagpipe with a double chanter.

The ciaramedda is native to the rural areas of Sicily and Calabria, particularly in the provinces of Messina and Reggio Calabria.

The instrument consists of a bag (usually of goatskin), a blowpipe to inflate the bag (generally of sabugueiro), and two chanters (ritta and manca) which play a melody and harmony, which are generally made of ericacae wood. The three drones, which provide constant harmony, are known as bassu, quatta, and fisciettu.

The ciaramedda nearly went extinct with the decline of European pastoral culture, however it survives in the context of religious festivals, particularly during Christmas.scn:Ciaramedda pt:Ciaramedda

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